Oil and Sand Separators 

Tanks for oil-polluted wastewater 

The systems manage wastewater contaminated with oil products and sand particles

Oil and sand separators are tanks used to collect and filtrate polluted wastewater and release it into a sewer system or the ground. With the increasing rainfalls, concrete surfaces in urban and industrial areas collect oil and pollutants and wash it into groundwater contaminating the environment. The tanks help avoid this by separating oil and unwanted particles from water and infiltrating the latter into the ground. The separators are made of spiral corrugated pipes HelCor that are strong, light and durable. This solution is invaluable in parking lots, gas stations, ports and industrial areas.

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Features and Benefits

Cost efficient

The light weight of the tanks makes shipment and installation economical and swift. The labour costs are also saved by the simplicity of the process: a team of regular workers with only one supervisor is enough for the installation. 

Durability in aggressive environments

The high-strength steel, corrosion protection, and a simple design ensure the longevity of the product. The structures can withhold heavy weights and do not need a load distribution plate. The installation is possible in low and high temperatures. 

Long life span

The steel of the pipes is strong and long-lasting. It is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing and can have a service life of up to 100 years.

Environmentally friendly

Steel is a reusable material that consumes few resources for its production. The CO2 footprint is also small as the installation process is quick. 

Guaranteed quality

The solution can be customized for your needs, and the design & installation process will be supervised by our team. The solution is done according to all technical regulations and your expectations.

  • Urban surface wastewater collectors

  • Industrial plants

  • Railways

  • Gas stations

  • Car washes 

  • Parking lots 

  • Airports 

  • Terminals

  • Ports

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How are UltraCor® structures different from other ViaCon bridge solutions?

They are stronger and wider than SuperCor®, Hamco MP200plus®. As opposed to CON/SPAN, they are made of steel and not concrete so they are more ecological and 30-40% more cost-efficient. And unlike Acrow® 700XS®, they are applicable for buried solutions but take a bit longer to install.

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