StormWater Solutions

Highly important solutions during increasing volatility in weather

With our proven technical and engineering expertise, ViaCon’s StormWater Solutions and products are designed to meet the challenges of stormwater management.

Our offerings cover solutions ranging from stormwater retention and infiltration, fire-water retention of oil and sand separation.


End user: Industrial and commercial building uses Specialized ground/earth moving contractors

Application areas

Stormwater retention, fire tank systems

Competitive advantage

Total cost advantage vs competing materials like plastics and concrete for larger projects subject to loads, water contamination, space constraints, typically under parking lots for retail and industrial areas

Retention tanks viacon eesti
Retention tanks
Infiltration tanks viacon eesti
Infiltration tanks
Fireproof tanks viacon eesti
Fireproof tanks
Oil and sand separators viacon eest
Oil and sand separators